Simple Office Update

Hey there! I wanted to share my little office update. To start, lets just get one thing straight. I do not live in a home that is by any means clean and pristine all of the time. I’ve just learned to hide it really well. ANYONE can have white minimal furnishings and decor, if that’s what you like. It’s all about finding creative ways to store and hide things. Remember in the nineties (I’m not discussing my age, so lets not go there…haha) when you’d see on TV, people shoving every unsightly item they didn’t want company to see in a hall closet, up to the very top and then when they eventually opened it, all of the stuff would come exploding out? Well, the bad news is, we all still have those unsightly items, I don’t care who you are. Everybody has something they want hidden from plain sight. Weather it’s your old Beanie Baby collection or just clutter you can’t seem to give up. The good news is that pretty much any store you walk into these days ie. Wal-Mart, Target, even grocery stores have storage items available. So basically, you have no reason to have junk laying around.With that being said… here are some things you can do to hide your stuff and still have your office looking tidy and stylish.So… you definitely want something with drawer space. Designate these for larger items that you don’t want out all of the time. Things you don’t use on a daily basis. For example my Cricut. I do like it and it does come in handy for certain things however, it takes up a lot of space it also takes time and practice to learn how to use it. I’m not that dedicated and do not use it that often. If I want to use it, it literally takes me all day figuring out the design. Doing it several times to get it right yada, yada, yada. Anyway, I do like it but I don’t necessarily want it out all of the time. Solution…! It just happens to fit perfectly in this drawer so, problem solved. I also keep all of the accessories and things associated with crafting in here as well. See…it’s kind of a mess already. But…who cares? It’s hidden away…!Next, you’ll want to invest in some organizational trays or compartments. It can get expensive buying things from Homegoods or Target, even Wal-Mart so I opted for these from the Dollar Store. Cheap enough not to break the bank but still useful and looks decent.Having a desk or somewhere to set your computer is ideal and being near a window for natural light would be great too but if you don’t have that option then lamps or overhead lighting will work. In my case, I have both. It just worked out that way and I do like it a lot.Okay…so this pic was taken “before” I finished the sharpie shiplap wall…haha

Adding a bookcase is an absolute plus. You’ll need somewhere to store paperwork (if you even have any. The internet these days makes it easy to have a paper free home). Again, bins, baskets, old crates can be used as storage without giving up style and decor. Any store you go into, you can pretty much find some sort of basket or bin. You know that closet I was talking about. That has been replaced with these. Anything you can hide or shove things into will work. Being creative and finding the right one is up to you.I love adding real plants and foliage because even though it’s an office designated for working. I still like it to feel homey and comfortable. Same with maybe a few pillows and a blanket if you get cold like me when I sit here for a while. Hey…! Like in a REAL office…haha.Adding some of your own personal things will give your office more of a relaxed at home feel as well. This is one of my favorite places in the house to be lately. One because I’m working very hard on research and getting my blog just right but because I actually enjoy being in here.Well, these are just some ways that I’ve updated my home office. I hope that I’ve helped by giving you some tips and ideas for your office area. Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well.Thanks for reading!

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