Pantry Update

Okay so….your pantry might not be the most important part of your house but it is by far the most used. In our house it is anyway. Ours is right in the kitchen so there’s no hiding it. Last spring I decided to update from wire shelving to more rustic farmhouse wooden ones. At the point where I was finally finished installing them I was just glad to be done and decided to put everything back and I would finish them later. Later being a YEAR later…haha!

It was actually really easy to paint the shelves. It only took me an hour and then another hour to dry. Not too bad.

I made this pantry sign stencil with my Cricut. Three words “touch up paint”. It was fairly easy but it did bleed. I was able to save it and myself from repainting this entire door.

Adding storage canisters makes a really big difference. Definitely feels and looks better when it’s neat and organized. Keeping it that way might be another story…

I found these cute bins at the Dollar Store! Organizing the kids snacks was one of the reasons I wanted to finish this project. Sometimes (all of the time) this stuff gets thrown about. This way hopefully, it will help them to keep it neat (fingers crossed).

Before and after

No joke…this is what it looked like. It’s amazing that you don’t always know how terrible something looks until you take a picture of it…lol

I am SO HAPPY with the way it turned out!

Thanks for reading…!

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