Something Wicked This Way Comes…

No not really. Just some Halloween decorations…haha

So, I’ve kind of been on a hiatus with writing. It’s been really busy around here lately and I haven’t had the time. Plus I wasn’t in the mood and couldn’t really figure out what to write about. I kept thinking that I couldn’t possibly have writers block already? Could I…? Well, I figured out that that’s not it at all. I think I was putting too much pressure on myself. I wanted to make sure I wrote at least three to four posts a week. That proved to be more demanding than I thought and that made me not want to write at all. So…I’m taking it slower now and if I write three posts a week, great. If not, that’s ok too. No matter what Google says…haha

Anyway, moving along…

Halloween is coming very soon. It’s literally three days away and I’m feeling the need to do some more decorating in that spirit. I used to decorate a lot more when my kids were little. It was fun for me and they enjoyed it. Now that they’re older, they don’t appreciate it as much and it’s just more work for me to put it up and take it down. Because that’s exactly what I do! It literally comes down November 1st. Gotta get ready for Thanksgiving right away and then Christmas of course.

Now Christmas decorations are a whole other story. I once left the kids room decorations up until February, I think it was…? Yeah, everytime I walked into their rooms and looked at the mini Christmas trees and nick nacks, I’d roll my eyes and walk right back out. So, I’ve definitely toned it down quite a bit. For my own sake! Same with other holidays but Christmas I do like to decorate for the most.

So, as far as Halloween decorations go. This is what I have….

Minimalist for sure. I usually pick a few places downstairs and focus the decor there. As you may know from a previous post (you can read about it here) I’m not too big into orange. I typically use the more muted fall natural tones and colors and of course, black.

I started taking few pictures here and right in the middle of it decided to change out the pillar candles for the stick pumpkins. I only have three candles and needed them for another holder. I like this so much better though. I love when things like that work out and just fall into place because that is not always the case. Sometimes it takes days before I can figure out where I want certain things. In this case it works and I was happy.

Gotta love the Wicked Witch of the west. She’s the BEST! I like having some fun with this letter board.

Moving on…

This was fun. I giggled while making it. I don’t know what made me think of it? I just wanted a Halloween sign and didn’t want to go buy one. I’ve had this chalkboard forever, I had an idea and there you have it! Simple as that.

This is off the kitchen in the sunroom. I typically put my coffee station here but recently had to change it for my husband’s 40th birthday party. I would’ve loved to blog about that but I was so busy with the planning and completely oblivious to taking any pictures it got away from me. I may have snapped a few pics? So I might be able to write a little something because everything came out great.

But here’s what I did for Halloween. Some of this stuff is new but most of it I had already. I had to get creative because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

This guy belongs to my daughter. She likes skeletons and BEGGED me to buy him. I agreed as long as she agreed to let me use it for my Halloween decorating. Everyone is happy!

Okay…I love these window clings but you know how when you first buy them and they look great because they’re brand new and flat and they stick really well? Then you put them away for a year and when you bring them out they look like this…

Well…I’ll tell you my little secret. I wash them and dry them with my hair dryer. Yep! The heat from the hot water and the the hair dryer relaxes them and makes them flat again.

These guys gave me a bit of a challenge because of the legs. So I had to work at it but eventually I got them to lay down and stick. I almost tossed them. Glad I didn’t!

Cute right?!

I love decorating this space. The clock is definitely my favorite thing along with the dresser. It was my mother’s as a child and then my sister and I also shared it as kids.

Adding just some little things or if the mood strikes, maybe even a spider’s web. Will get you ready for all the ghosts and goblins. Have a fun and safe Halloween.

Happy Halloween decorating!

….and if the broom fits. Ride that $%@#…!

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