To mum, or not to mum….?

So it’s fall…the season of pumpkins, falling leaves and MUMS! Short for Chrysanthemum, is a lovely flowering plant you can find at just about any garden center, florist or supermarket. The “garden mum” or “hardy mum” variety is what you’ll mostly find around here decorating porches across the area. They are really pretty and can add bursts of color to a somewhat dreary fall season. This year it hasn’t been bad (so far). I live in the North East. We tend to get not so nice weather. It depends though and this year seems pretty mild compared to past seasons. So I’ll take it!

I like to get a few different colors and some pumpkins to decorate with. I’m kinda hesitant to get too crazy because in the past I’ve spent a decent amount of money on mums thinking that I would plant them or put them in the garage over the winter and save them for the next year. Well…let’s just say I have no mums from years past to speak of… This is why I’ve considered NOT getting any but that would be like not getting a Christmas tree at Christmas time. You can’t NOT do it….RIGHT?!

Therefore, I Do not get many because I know that sadly they will end up in the trash. So, typically 4-6 medium size pots will do it. I usually get them for less than $5 at Walmart. Seriously….I meant it when I said they’ll end up in the trash because THEY DO! Even though it’s still throwing away money. Nothing lasts forever and I think that’s a more reasonable price for something that only lasts for one season. I’ve also done the cornstalks and hay bales in the past. Although really cute and pretty it just gets too messy and ends up being a lot of work in the long run. We live close to the lake and it gets very windy here. High winds plus pieces of hay and cornstalk leaves equals a big’ol mess to clean up in the spring. So I don’t do it anymore. But there’s plenty of other things you can do to get your porch looking super pretty for fall.

I always have a garden flag for every season. It adds some decoration without having to do much. And there are a ton to choose from. I don’t know about you but I’ve been super busy this year and haven’t had much “extra” time (is there such a thing?) to devote to the outside of my house. Another way that I can add to the decoration is to use different and unique pots and planters. Now those are worth spending a little bit more on because they can be reused. Crocs, terracotta pots, bushel baskets are all things that can be used year after year. As long as you take some care of them or they don’t blow away…haha!

If you can include a piece of furniture like a chair or bench, it really makes it feel “homey”. I don’t currently have too much space to work with but just enough to add a chair. I usually leave it there throughout the year.

So get some MUMS and get out there! Because before you know it….the SNOW will be here!

Happy porch decorating and Thanks for reading!

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