A little bit of FALL

It’s September 21st and fall is officially here! You knew it was coming because it’s been getting darker and darker in the morning. Getting up everyday is definitely not as pleasant as it was over the summer. I’m already missing sleeping the morning away and getting up when my brain tells me to. Not the (annoying) alarm clock, ugh. Although, I do love this part of the season with the changing colors of the leaves and all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes you can drink. I do not however, like the cold and wet rainy weather that is inevitably coming. Where I live, sometimes we don’t even get a fall. It has literally gone straight into winter without so much as a warning. So I will gladly take this unseasonably warm welcome into the fall season.

I tend to be more of a minimalist when it comes to fall decorations. I like to try to transition seamlessly from summer into fall. Not to mention all that cleaning I did from my last post Fall Cleaning!. I need to keep the clutter away as long as possible! Plus I don’t want to have to take down a ton of stuff when Christmas time comes around. That’s when I take about 90% of everything out to make room for ALL the Christmas decorations.

Funny story. My daughter made a mistake yesterday and said “only three more WEEKS til Christmas”….! She quickly corrected herself and said “THREE MONTHS!”. But for a second, I had a mini panic attack. I instantly got the feeling of being unprepared (ahhhh). I did calm down after I got a grip and realized that it’s only September and I still have plenty of time (phew).

Moving right along….


I keep a lot of my summer foliage and some flowers. Taking out the pinks and incorporating some cotton sprigs, stick wreaths and of course PUMPKINS. Although in the last few years I’ve sort of gotten away from the orange and red when it comes to decorating for fall. I like to use more muted colors with more natural tones and textures. That way it still looks like my house and not like I just walked into Kirkland’s when they’re having a buy one get one free pumpkin sale….haha. I also like to do little crafts and projects that involve things I can find right outside in my yard.

I made these leaf prints over the summer using different leaves and a stamp pad. Of course I had to find the perfect ones. I needed just the right size and shape. My kids and husband probably thought I was a little nuts one day when I asked them to find some leaves to bring home. Mostly when I said “pull over on the side of the road if you have to!” haha. I plan to do more when the leaves really start to fall. It was a fun craft to do with my daughter. She thought it was cool.

I also made these cute little pumpkins using some left over fabric that I’ve kept over the years from other projects and stuffing from an old throw pillow. I never throw that stuff away! You never know when you’ll need it (Seriously). I had an idea but wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make these so I looked up a bunch of tutorials on Pinterest. I ended up doing it my own way based on what I found. There were several different ways but I wanted quick and easy. Basically, the lazy version because I didn’t really want to drag out the sewing machine. I had NO time for that! You can see similar instructions here. When I got to the stem, again not wanting to use the sewing machine. I used a STICK instead. Just a plain old ordinary stick that I got from my yard. All I did was cut it into 2 inch sections and stuck it in. I am really happy with how they turned out! They look more rustic and super cute.









Happy FALL and thanks for reading!

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