Fall Cleaning!




I know everyone likes Spring cleaning. When the weather breaks from the cold winter and you’re sick of being closed in. Spring time comes around and the windows are open, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Right….! Yes but now we have to wait another seven months before that happens again. This is why I like to deep clean at the change of every season. Otherwise there’s eight inches of dust collecting and no one wants that!

Let me just start by saying, I wouldn’t say that I “love to” or even “like to” clean. But for some reason I’m always doing it? It’s probably from seeing my Mother and Grandmother scrubbing floors and washing windows all the time as a kid. Maybe that’s why it’s deeply rooted in my soul (haha). Ok…that’s a little dramatic but you get the point. Plus I have two kids that do a pretty good job of keeping me busy with messes. I will say that there is a certain satisfaction you get when you’re done and everything is all shiny and clean. Then tomorrow comes and it’s gone! It’s a sad truth BUT here are a few tips that I find helpful and hopefully you will too!




Remove EVERYTHING! I like to clear off all the shelves, side tables, coffee table, etc. I take all my slipcovers off and wash them. Starting with a clean slate (literally and figuratively) will make your life so much easier. At times when I tried to cheat by skipping this step and not do all the cleaning, I found myself doing more work. I would basically try to rearrange a few things here and there and add a few decor pieces for whatever season it was. It just turned into a big old mess and I’d end up not liking it at all and taking it down anyway. So….lesson learned and I found this to be more efficient in the long run.





First of all, DUST! Dust, dust, dust. You can’t get away from it. But you can minimize the accumulation. My house gets really dusty. I don’t know why? We just create A LOT of dust. So the 1st thing I do is take a dusting mop or whatever you have on hand and dust the walls. Yes! I said dust the walls. Believe it or not a ton of dust collects and sticks to your walls. It’s a small task not to be ignored. Besides, your allergies will thank you. I’ve used a Swiffer dry cloth or a microfiber pad but this is what I had within reach and it actually worked really well.





I then wipe everything down with a vinegar/water solution. You can find the recipe here. I do all shelving, side tables, lamps, mirrors, etc. I do not have mine in a pretty glass bottle. Nope! Just an old method bottle that I wrote on with a Sharpe. But if you have one. By all means…





Now it’s time to vacuum. Don’t forget to move the furniture around or even remove it and vacuum underneath if you have to. If you have carpets like I do, this is especially important because all that dust, dirt, FOOD from the kiddos who aren’t supposed to be eating in the living room (ahem), gets stuck deep into the carpet. I also spray the vinegar/ water solution on the carpet. It seems crazy but it really helps to get all that stuff up.





I was almost embarrassed to show this pic but then I thought ” everyone’s vacuum looks like this at some point” and if they say it doesn’t well….

Part of your cleaning should include your vacuum. It won’t do it’s job if it’s all clogged and jammed with dust, dirt, fur, your hair. EWWW! It actually makes me happy to see this because then at least I know it’s not on the floors.





Now that all your dust and vacuuming issues are taken care of, you can move on to the fun part. Decorating! One of the other reasons I like to take everything down is because it gives me an opportunity to be creative with my decor. Put pieces in different places instead of the same old, same old.

Like these candles sticks for instance. I’ve accumulated them over the years. And I love them all. Some I bought/found here and there. Others are from my Mom and Mother in-law. I had so many (I have even more than this) and I was just placing them around the house randomly. But I was constantly moving them because they never really looked like they were in the right place. So I got a happy thought today and grouped them all together. I love it!





On to the furniture…

People always say “you have white furniture?”……”but you have kids. How…?Why…?”

Haha….and the answer is, I don’t really know why? I just like it. It seems funny but sometimes I think white hides stuff better than dark. If I had a charcoal grey sofa, I’d be able to really see the cat fur and it would drive me NUTS. My cats are fairly light colored so the white camouflages the fur for the most part. My kids on the other hand. That is a little more challenging. I actually have a set of denim slip covers that I change out during the summer months. It’s too hard to keep dirty feet at bay. That’s also why I bought slip covered furniture. I wanted something that I could just take off and throw in the wash. Because believe me, they do get dirty! I’ve just learned to hide it really well. I basically slip cover the slipcovers. That and scrubbing. Spot cleaning is my friend. And it’s also a good thing that layering fabrics will never go out of style. If it did, I’d be in trouble!

I’m not gonna lie, I definitely break a sweat putting these babies on. It’s worth it when it’s all done though!

There…. DONE!

And that’s how you do it! Well….that’s how I do it anyway…

Happy cleaning and Thanks for reading!

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