This is Clyde. He’s a good buddy. Keeping me company while I sit here and work.

Well…I never thought I’d be typing this so soon but, this blog is a lot of work! So I’ve been working on it for a few days now. In between being a mom, a wife and painting a few projects, I’ve been figuring it out as I go. It’s not so much the writing (I have a lot to say). It’s deciding how I want it to look, what content to put where, what theme, what color, etc. I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. There is and endless amount to choose from. It’s exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. I love that there’s so much information available online for beginners. With that said, it’s been pretty much stop and go. I have to stop and Google a question or watch an informational video (super helpful!). I’ll eventually get the hang of it and I know it will become easier. Until then….bear with me while I get it together! I promise you, it will not be for NOTHING. I’ve got some projects coming up that I really want to share.

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